High-End LED Cable Solutions and Designs

Custom cable assemblies, wire, and connectors for industrial and interior LED applications.

Brand Expression

Your brand is important and it shows in the details. We can design personalized cables that fit the feel, style, and design of your brand and LED application. Change the length, color, material, connector, and add your logo into the overmold.

We have endless customization options to match any LED product (no matter how unique!) With our easy customization options, you can build a cable that fits with your LED application flawlessly.

Consistent Connections

Once your LED product leaves your hands, you can’t control where it goes or how it’s used. Spring contact connectors are a huge step towards consistent, trustworthy connections.
Spring contacts pinch the center pin of the jack, creating a tight fit for consistent power flow. This also helps guarantee a secure connection in daisy chain applications. Our video highlights the importance of using the right connectors in LED products.

Beautiful Designs

We have beautiful wire that can take any LED application to the next level. Our bio wire is a great option to match the clean lines and quality feel of your product.

It is not only smooth to the touch, but is safe to have on your skin for sustained periods of time for any wearable LED applications. You don’t have to choose between functionality and aesthetics with us!

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